Friday, April 18

everyone's sucking less these days

Even Denverites are weighing in on Fort Collins' flap over the logo redesign. A writer friend in the city recently sent me this link to the Denver Egotist, which, apparently, is helping Denver to "suck less," a mission that gets at the heart of the Chronicle's recent logo-redesign contest: to help Fort Collins city officials suck less at selecting a logo.

Even better, as our contest winner very reverently suggests, would be to dump the logo project entirely. L.A. transplant (and former graphic designer for the LA Times) Steve Sedam won us over with reason (and a well-crafted design, which will look damn good on those t-shirts Go West is going to make for him):But I think Justin Maul, who came in a very close second, is onto something with his green combo, especially after watching a new commercial for CSU that boasts the school as the Green University. Maybe we're ditching the Gold until the football team sucks less, or maybe Mason Tvert's local cohorts have infiltrated:
And this marker piece, which garnered an honorable mention for Jon Roach, is just pure truth: Fort Collins hippies definitely suck less than Boulder's.

The next contest shall be a "Yo Momma"-style logo-off between the Fort and Boulder. Who wants to ref?

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