Wednesday, April 23

Leggo Our Logo

My Eat the Week for April 17, titled "For the Love of Logo," stated that North Star Destinations, designers of Fort Collins' ill-fated new logo, would be releasing a creative brief to guide designers of a new new logo. Then, last Thursday, local marketing/design house Linden Press released the creative brief. So, the story, on that point, was wrong. It happens, people. We're all human.

The use of the word "brief" in the term "creative brief," however, is very accurate. I've written text messages longer than the creative brief.

The brief, which can be viewed here, describes how the logo must pair the logistical and economic development needs of the City of Fort Collins with an image residents can "embrace." (Read: We didn't embrace North Star's seaside and/or feminine-product logo.)

The combo of North Star research and recent city outreach resulted in four concepts citizens use to describe Fort Collins, which should be represented by the logo: friendly, vibrant, beautiful, environmentally conscious. Using that criteria, I suggest our logo be actress Rachel McAdams. I can name at least one resident who would embrace her.

Linden, you can have that idea, no prob.

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