Thursday, April 24

live and let die

Our design rockstar, Emily Zaynard, caught a bad case of strep throat on Tuesday, and so our website has just now been updated with the most recent edition. (We generally go live with an updated site at midnight every Wednesday.)

Here are a couple online highlights from this edition:

School of mines: A letter regarding uranium mining, from Art Montana, UCLA professor emeritus of Geophysics and Planetary Physics and former chair of the New Mexico Mining Commission.

Minority report: Advocates want to raise the profile of unreported bias crimes in Colorado.

In the eye of the arts blogger: At Zaf622, Daryle Dickens wants to have an "art palaver."


Carol said...

Daryle Dickens is a true visionary. His passion and respect for all genres of visual and performing art is contagious. We are so pleased to support his efforts on behalf of the local arts community and hope more people join in.

5 Alive said...

Who do you mean by "we"? Just curious.

Carol said...

[Oops!] We = everyone at Beet Street. I hope others step up to support this local body of work.