Monday, April 14

monday morning headlines

Globe checker: Lonely Planet writer claims his book isn't trusty.

The Wright stuff: Former Obama pastor presides over a service in Virginia.

Drugged out: The cost of lifesaving meds gets out of control.

Holy helpers: The Washington Post profiles D.C. Catholics awaiting the pope's visit.

And for the record: Over the last two days, the Coloradoan has published a couple pieces that should have credited the Chronicle.

Yesterday, the Gannett-owned daily featured an article on the possibility of domestic-partner benefits for CSU faculty and staff, which Chronicle fellow Marissa Gavel broke in our paper this week.

Today, the daily catches up to a story on a new county program that will attempt to decrease the recidivism rate for offenders with substance-abuse and mental-health needs. Zaffos wrote extensively about this program back in January.

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Zaffos said...

With some fairness, the Coloradoan story from today about rehabbing inmates is a program that complements (and builds off of) the program, called AIIM, that I wrote about in January.

I was pretty surprised to see them lift the CSU domestic-partnership story without a word of credit though.