Thursday, April 10

Thursday headlines

CSU thinks about going domestic: University to consider proposal for partnership benefits

Stop! Or the police will: FC police has cautious pursuit policy

Don't be cruel: Matchbox Twenty pulls out of Grandaddy of 'em all amid animal abuse claims

Wasted: More than one in ten elk in RMNP have chronic wasting disease

Kung Pow!: China claims to break up Olympic terrorist plot

Terms of vacancy: Downtown FC partners moving on hotel plans

Affordable retry: Loveland might consider affordable housing options -- again

The waiting game: More flights canceled for safety concerns

Landslide: New CSU student leaders win in high-turnout election

"Succes?" Really?: Coloradoan fails to correctly spell praises for high school tennis

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JT said...

re: succes
i didn't know "wedenesday" had three e's either (photo caption)