Tuesday, May 6

Biker names

The Chronicle loves nicknames, especially when it comes to public figures. That being said, here's a press release from the Fort Collins Velodrome Association:
The Fort Collins Velodrome Association’s Associates in Family Medicine 6-Day Races at the CSU Oval kicks off this Sunday, May 11 at 4:50 p.m. with a special race featuring notable local personalities. Racers currently registered include:

Diggs "Dirt Bike" Brown, City Council
Tim "Spin Doctor" Anderson, FtC Velodrome Association
Jim "CaVe Man" Clark, FtC Convention & Visitors Bureau
Ben "Big Ring" Manvel, City Council
Lisa "Lightning" Poppaw, City Council
Wade "Go Rams!" Troxell, City Council
Doug "Big Dog" Johnson, UniverCity Connections
“Pedaling” Paola Malpezzi Price, CSU and ExperiencePlus!
I like "Dirt Bike" Diggs, and I'm glad to see Lisa Poppaw get a fresh nickname, especially since the one her detractors have given her, and which I once repeated in a column, is pretty mean. However, I'm thinking the velo-folks could do better than "Go Rams!" Troxell (how about "Singletrack" Troxell, for instance?), and I still prefer "Math Boy" Manvel (courtesy of fellow councilman, Kelly Ohlson) to "Big Ring."

I'm picking Manvel to beat out the other competing councilmembers -- I see him on a bike all the time. Then, I'm picking councilman David Roy to lead his colleagues in a version of Queen's "Bicycle Race," although I'm guessing they won't re-create the original video:

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