Monday, May 5

progress now

Bill Vandenberg has held the title of executive director at the Colorado Progressive Coalition over its very, well, progressive life. This morning, the CPC cofounder announced his resignation, as he heads back East to take a position with a new international human rights group, a seemingly perfect fit for a man so dedicated to doing good.

Over the past few years, the once very Denver-centric racial and social- justice-oriented group has expanded their Front Range presence to include Pueblo and, just last year, Greeley (although the CPC had a nice foot in the door up north back when Fort Collins statehouse Representative John Kefalas worked for them). The expansion came at just the right time for Pueblo's east side, which recently bore the brunt of Colorado Springs' pollution of Fountain Creek, and for Greeley's Latino communities, which are dealing with significant fallout (socially, economically and racially) from the Swift Meatpacking raids.

Two men will assume Vandenberg's position, as co-EDs. One of them, Carlos Valverde Jr., is a local — born and raised on Denver's west side, educated at CC (undergrad) and Regis (masters). Here's a link to the full release.

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