Monday, May 19

So, really, what is up with the Chronicle?

I've spent the last few weeks fielding the above question, and I have a really simple answer for those tuning into Holla: We don't know.

We're not trying to be evasive with readers and supporters who care about the Chronicle, but we are in the midst of mapping out a future course for the publication and we don't have much to share just yet.

Into the mix of these discussions among staff and community members, many of us from the paper are about to head south of the border for a few weeks of Old Mexico sunshine (read: tequila). No need to speculate on any outsourcing/insourcing, immigration capers, or globalized partnerships: this is strictly non-business.

In the meantime, Holla and the Chronicle website will both remain online, but posts won't resume here until June 5.

If you want to be kept in the know on future announcements about the Chronicle, email with the subject: "So, what about the Chronicle" and I will add you to a list that will put out that type of news as the summer progresses.

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