Thursday, May 8

thursday headlines

De facto day: The Times and the other Times practically give Obama the nomination.

Radio waves: KRFC and KUNC survive another fund drive, but things aren't looking so hot for KRFC.

Puffed out: CSU reminds Gifford smokers that they're not wanted.

Super savers: Tracking down Colorado's uncommitted superdelegates. (This story was first reported at Read it here.)

Babyfaced bogeys: Twenty-something golfers on the rise in the U.S.

Signing off: On the letters Elisabeth Fritzl wrote before her father imprisoned her in a cellar.


ZAF622 said...

I like Obama's attitude in the LA Times article. A leader knows his place in the world even before the world does and that is what he is showing by acting like he has the nomination.

vanessa said...

Well said. The LAT has another article today that basically has Dem leaders offering Hillary a "graceful" exit. Which is generous. I think she gave up the opportunity for any kind of beau geste quite a while ago.