Thursday, April 19

dooks of hazard

I generally try to schedule some very quick web reading time at least twice daily. Whatever seems like it may demand more attention gets bookmarked for evening reading, which in turn builds up to weekend reading. Where it goes from there is a booking issue for my social whims.

This afternoon's round-up yields a couple worthwhile pieces about feces--poop, shit, scheisse, cosby kids, sharts (my least favorite) or, my personal preference, dooks (like 'dukes.') But don't write these off based on the primary subject matter alone.

This first one is a classic alt report on mierda mexicana. It's going into my Best Short-Form News Writing Ever file.

And this one, from the Post, reveals that Congresswoman Musgrave is dumping her case against Kathleen Ensz, former UNC professor and Democratic poop dropper .

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