Monday, April 23

Yosh y Yess

Just got this from Chronicle editor Josh Johnson, currently vacationing with his lady on Isla Mujeres, Mexico.
Jess and I are really enjoying ourselves on the island. We´ve picked up quite a bit of Spanish, got a tan, enjoy tacos and are really blending in.

Sometimes I accidentally slip into speaking Spanish when talking to Americans. Multiple people have mistaken us for locals, and I was even offered a job in the Internet cafe where I currently sit. Apparently, their printer has a phantom paper jam. Jess found a panty shop to work in, mostly removing sand from tourists´ shorts. It's kind of like a nursing job. Stupid tourists! Ha ha. Us locals get a kick out of making fun of tourists.

Went fishing all morning. Caught a barracuda and had it cooked into tacos for lunch. We leave for Tulum tomorrow.

Love you all but don´t miss any of you. Sorry.

Will try to send pictures of me hugging a shark. Must first find a willing shark. Jess is afraid of sea turtles, baracuda, me on too much tequila, and the undertow.

Keyboards come equipped with this: ñ.

More to come. Hope all is well. Thanks to all of you for affording me the opportunity to do this. I am near tears with joy, excitement and salt water in the eye.


josh y jess (or, as us locals say, ¨Yosh eee Yess¨)

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