Friday, May 25

get well soon, sister

Our dear friend and kick-ass Chronicle contributor Laura Katers recently fell ill and, like too many Americans, is now faced with daunting medical debt. There are things you can do to help. Got this email last night:

Dear Friends,

As many of you know, Laura Katers (writer, activist, teacher, outdoor enthusiast, and downright friendly person) has suffered from a major health problem, and has recently been hospitalized. Though she has “catastrophic insurance,” the medical bills are high. This is one of those instances where a good person could use a helping hand. (For those of you who don’t know Laura, please take our word for it; she’s a great human being, friend, and contributor to our community.)

There are three ways to help – and have fun while you’re at it!

1. An account – “The Laura Katers Wellness Fund” has been set up – you can make an anonymous deposit at any Colorado Well’s Fargo Bank – c/o “Laura Katers Wellness Fund.”

2. Rocky Mountain Chronicle Local Music Happening - June 8, 8 pm, at Hodi's featuring super-great music from The Tanukis, Otem Rellik, and The Young and the Naive. Partial proceeds from this show will benefit the fund for Laura. Laura is a freelance writer and photographer for the Chronicle.

3. Matter Bookstore – Laura has volunteered at Matter Bookstore and is the Managing Editor of GER: A Guide to Ecstatic Living. On June 8th, Matter Bookstore will donate 50 percent of sales from the bookstore, and will give an additional dollar for every book donated. So if you need a book, go buy it on this day! Use this as a spring-cleaning opportunity to clean out your bookshelves, and make Matter Bookstore a donation of some used books while you’re at it (thus helping two great causes at once!)

Please consider helping a friend in need.

Peace, love and baby ducks,
Friends of Laura Katers

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