Sunday, May 27

mark of a convert?

About ten years ago, I traded my commitment to Catholic mass on Sunday mornings for the New York Times. It's a ritual I almost always enjoy.

But there are those rare Sunday mornings when I read something that makes me want to convert to another paper, say the LA Times. Today is one, and I'm only two stories into National news, usually the first department I read.

In yet another story on immigration politics in Arizona, the Times jumps in to perpetuate racial profiling. After reviewing the positions of both Democratic and Republican elected officials, the reporter surveys the populace for an Everyday Jane perspective on the latest federal immigration reforms:
Stacy Murphy, a homemaker chatting with friends at a coffee shop here, summed it up.

“You look around and there are illegals everywhere,” said Ms. Murphy, who described herself as an independent voter. “So how is any of this going to change that? They keep coming and people keep hiring them, and that’s just life here, I guess.”

I wonder what kind of superpower Stacy has that identifies citizenship by sight? Or maybe Arizona has begun marking the foreheads of all Latinos with I's and L's (for illegal and legal).

(Of course, at the end of my Sunday Times read, I come upon an editorial like this and know that I'm nowhere close to abandoning this ritual after all.)

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