Wednesday, May 30

sneaky senator on the loose

Allard's office was closed by the time I called, but I'll try again in the morning. Spread the word:

AAN Members and Friends:

An unknown Republican Senator has placed a "secret hold" on the Open Government Act, a bill supported by AAN that would improve the Freedom of Information Act. Although the OGA has already passed the U.S. House of Representatives by a vote of 308-117 and was approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee, this pusillanimous supporter of government secrecy is preventing the bill from reaching the Senate floor for a vote.

The Society of Professional Journalists has organized a "crowd-sourcing" campaign to unmask the offending Senator. For more about the SPJ effort, click the link below:

AAN strongly encourages you to help unveil Senator Secrecy by following the SPJ's suggestions in the "How YOU can help" section on the page above.

Best regards,
Richard Karpel

P.S. For background on the Open Government Act, see the links below.

FOIA Reform Bill Approved by Senate Judiciary Committee:

FOIA Reform Passes House, As Do Two Other Open Government Bills:

FOIA Report Issued, Hearing Scheduled:

Richard Karpel
Executive Director
Association of Alternative Newsweeklies
Washington, D.C.

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