Wednesday, June 20

all children left behind

Despite all the promises of a new blue legislature, and the bipartisan supported Referendum C in particular, Colorado still sucks at funding the health and well-being of the next generations. A report released today by the Colorado Center on Law and Policy flatlines the future if we stay the current service-funding course.

We're hundreds of millions away from per capita U.S. averages in funding elementary and secondary education as well as higher education opportunities. The increase bloats to a billion if anyone's interested in catching up with average healthcare and Medicaid funding for low-income families and the uninsured.

Like I said, if anyone's interested. The contentedness of Mayberry-types in Larimer County (let's refer to them as the Mayberrians to play up their ridiculously regal demands and sense of entitlement) aren't likely too concerned about the welfare of their less fortunate statesmen, women and, mostly, children. After all, they've already been priced out of this county.

Welcome to Boulder, folks. Hope you like vanilla.

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