Monday, June 4

making progress

I loathe reading most local daily newspapers (which is why it's in the job description of the Chronicle's news editor), and that's why I've always appreciated ProgressNow's daily news digest.

Every morning Monday through Friday, digest digger Alan Franklin scans the major dailies of the Front Range, Eastern Plains and Western Slope, then links and categorizes by issue topics. Back when I first took over as managing editor at the Colorado Springs Independent (linked right), I'd take time every Thursday afternoon to send Franklin my own "alt-reading digest," that is, the best of the four alternatives on the Front Range, all of which officially publish on Thursdays (although most of us are out in the most highly trafficked areas by Wednesday afternoon or evening).

But nothing was picked up for ProgressNow's daily digest, so I stopped harassing poor Franklin.

That was over a year ago. Then, this weekend, a glorious ProgressNow weekend digest arrived. And the alts are representin'.

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