Tuesday, June 5


It's late. I'm tired, nearly blind from reading too-small print in dark areas, and wondering for the first time if the future of true investigative alternative journalism really does lie in the nonprofit sector.

Thankfully, I don't have to stay up tonight worrying. Tom Tancredo is going to save America. By petition, no less. From today's release, regarding his Save America Campaign:


I am outraged that the Senate is debating a bill that gives Amnesty to illegal immigrants which rewards law breakers, shows contempt for those immigrants who wait their turn and enter America legally, violates the rule of law and encourages millions more to come to our country illegally. I demand Republican Senators stand up to George W. Bush, the Hispanic lobby and the corporate special interests and stand up for America.I specifically demand you oppose the Kennedy-McCain-Bush amnesty bill or any other legislation that gives temporary or permanent legal status to illegal immigrants.

Otherwise I will oppose and actively work for your defeat in your next election.

"No Amnesty" Pledge: I hereby pledge to oppose any legislation that offers temporary or permanent legal status to illegal immigrants.

Wait! No need to despair. I'll just call the Hispanic lobby to take care of all my future frustrations and anxieties. I'll go look them up now. I wonder if they know why Esai Morales wasn't at the ALMA awards tonight? I didn't see The Mexican either...

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