Saturday, July 7

clean up

If you're wondering about the comments I've recently deleted, they were blog spam, which I'll work on figuring out how to prevent after the weekend.

Because I didn't post on Thursday, I missed a couple of dates for the weekend to-do list, like an opening reception last night at Bas Bleu Theatre for painter Justin Jensen:

Today and tonight
Denver Poets Day at the Greek Amphitheatre in Cheeseman Park, until 8 p.m.

DJ Mark Farina at the Fox Theatre in Boulder

And if you're a sucker for local retail shopping (like me), today is the third and final day of the grand opening of Passion for the Planet in Fort Collins. Their ad promises an "earth-friendly, sex-positive, vegan, fair trade, sustainable" eco boutique.

I'll be checkin' the eco levels there before heading down to Denver for dinner with a reporter friend, then off to the Fox for some jazzy house from Farina.

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