Monday, July 2

independence day

Big news today from The Greeley Tribune: The Swift Communications-owned daily has taken over the publication of the Fort Collins Weekly.

Curiously omitted from both papers' doting reports (which are almost exactly the same piece) is any mention of the Trib's other weekly distributed in Larimer County, Next NC.

Stay tuned to the Chronicle next week for more on the purchase with some context on what it means to be "independent."

Until then, shovel out fifty bucks and buy a ticket to see Daft Punk at Red Rocks before the show sells out. It's a replay of their set from last year's Coachella festival. Also check out the story from Sunday's New York Times on French electro house (except the permalink isn't working, so maybe check out Ed Banger instead).

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Andy said...

How long will they continue getting away with slapping "Independent" in their mast?