Wednesday, July 11

pot luck

Also from this week's issue:

Under the state’s medical marijuana law, caregivers are limited to providing pot for just five patients at a time. That stipulation is now on hold after a Denver district judge heard from an AIDS and Hepatitis C patient who testified that he was unnecessarily suffering because of it. Attorneys with the drug policy group Sensible Colorado, which also successfully defended Larimer County residents James and Lisa Masters against charges brought by the county’s drug task force after illegally entering the Masters’ home, will push for a permanent reprieve. (Search for our series of investigations on the Masters’ case.)

Meanwhile the national Marijuana Policy Project issued a report declaring the best and worst states for pot users. The weed-friendly list includes Maine, Missouri, New Mexico, New York and Rhode Island. Sanctions are heavy for tokers in Alabama, Delaware, Florida, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Virginia and Utah.

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