Monday, October 15

Are the Rox the chosen ones?

A few of us are heading down to Denver tonight for the Rockies-D'backs game. If the Rox win, it'll be the third clincher in a row that Josh J. and I will have attended (anyone want to buy us tix for Game Four of the World Series?). Of course, when a baseball team wins 20 out of 21 it's hard to go and see them lose.

So, how have the Rockies kept it going? Well, there's some evidence that this team is the God Squad. We all know that in God Todd trusts by the huge wooden cross that Helton wears, but a pretty interesting article in USA Today from last June, talks about the entire team's Christlove:

Behind the scenes, they quietly have become an organization guided by Christianity — open to other religious beliefs but embracing a Christian-based code of conduct they believe will bring them focus and success.

Of course, with our state's overload of megachurches and evangelicals, this all makes sense. The Rockies somewhat disputed the characterization, and after this article came out last year, God--or at least the baseball gods--turned his back on the Rox, who ended the 2006 season tied for last place (with the Diamondbacks).

Well, can we still pray for a win and not-too-cold weather tonight?


bethany said...

You peeps caught a great game last night. We watched for you on the telly, but never spotted you. Boonie is already prepping for a Sox-Rox throw-down. I've decided to make like Switzerland and remain neutral. So. Um, go Cubs!

5 Alive said...

Remind Boonie that the Sox still have to make it to the Series! Last I checked, they were down a game.

Beth Rox! (?)

bethany said...

He is painfully aware of that fact, especially after last night. We'll find out tomorrow, I guess. Perhaps we could come to Colorado to tailgate with you guys or something. Wait, do they do that in baseball?

zaffos said...

The Republican National Committee has announced that if it's Rockies-Red Sox, the series will determine the presidential nominee: either Tancredo or Romney.

Giuliani tried to complain, but the GOP and Major League baseball both pointed out that he should take up the issue with the Yankees.

5 Alive said...

Beth, you're household must be a bit tense now. And if by "tailgating" you mean standing around a parking lot pounding PBRs, then yes we tailgate.

Series tix go on sale Monday at 10am, btw. We (maybe) can all go!