Monday, October 1

monday morning headlines

Quote of the day (from yesterday’s Times Magazine):

“College today is a place in which students from many backgrounds converge, and it is neither feasible nor desirable to prescribe for them some common morality."
Andrew Delbanco, director of American studies and Levi Professor in the Humanities at Columbia University

Beer capital: Colorado brews the most. (Second entry.)

A Rocky path: To the playoffs?

Making the Times: Collegian stays in the headlines.

Give a little bit: FC Council on the next budget.

DNA play: Find the innocent prisoner.

Fly away: Airplane travel is safer.

Arms and The Man: Still No.1 in weapons dealing.

Lord hear our prayers: Can evangelicals derail Giuliani?

Don’t worry: Be happy.

Preemie factor: Cholesterol babies.

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