Monday, October 1

Republican chair Haynes to resign

Over at, they are reporting that Larimer County Republican Chair Ed Haynes is resigning from his post just 7 months after taking the job. Haynes is supposedly moving to Alberta, Canada, to do Mormon missionary work, but methinks that he may also be taking some slack for comments made at the Collegian board hearing last week when he proclaimed that the CSU student newspaper's editorial - "Taser this...Fuck Bush" was just as bad as if they had written, "Taser this...Obama is a nigger." Pretty ridiculous comparison and it was the only point during the hearing that anyone booed a speaker, so it may have something to do with Haynes' decision.

Haynes' departure could throw the county party into another tailspin, depending on who is appointed the new chair.

UPDATE, October 3: Haynes will "neither confirm nor deny" the rumor right now.

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