Monday, October 8

Ram-ble on

The Ram Republic, a conservative newsletter started by editor-in-chief Bobby Carson (photo, at right) and other members of the CSU Young Republicans, is out on campus and around town today. The Chronicle has an article in our current issue on the newsletter, which is getting funding from the ultra-conservative Leadership Institute and some advertisers, including the CSU bookstore, at least partly in response to the Collegian editorial fallout.

The Leadership Institute gives grants to conservative student groups across the country and it also helped launch the impressive journalistic career of James Guckert Jeff Gannon, who once represented Talon News at a White House press conference and was later sniffed out as a right-wing PR plant and a gay male escort.

The column on page one of the RR from former GOP congressman and gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez is titled "Democrats Expose Themselves," but it's way less racy than it sounds. The eight-page newsletter also includes LarCo Republican Party Chair Ed Haynes' justification for his "Obama is a nigger" commentary at the public hearing of Collegian editor Dave McSwane.

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