Monday, November 5

Freedom's just another word for...unresponsiveness

The National Freedom of Information Coalition, based out of the Missouri School of Journalism, and the Better Government Association just released a report card on states' accountability in fulfilling freedom-of-information requests. The grades are enough to make Mr. Kotter's sweathogs look like honor students. Thirty-eight out of 50 states got an "F" and none got an "A" based on response times, appeals protocol and assessment of charges when citizens or members of the media ask for public information and records.

Colorado got a "C," one of only eight states to even score that well. And we're up from a "C-" in 2002, which means, based on this pace of progress, state government transparency and responsiveness should be working at "A+" efficiency by 2042. I hear we may be out of Iraq by then, too.

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