Sunday, December 16

edwards fans and paul foes

Of all the semi-viable presidential candidates, Republican or Democrat, there hasn't been much local chatter about John Edwards. Even Ron Paul (see video below) and Dennis Kucinich are more talked about around here. Apparently, there is an organized faction of Edwards "fans," as they call themselves, gathering support for the Southern Dem. Part of the email they sent out yesterday to Larimer County Dem Party leaders and the press includes pieces of the Edwards platform that are particularly standing out with this group:
Iraq: He would end our occupation of Iraq including all military bases and would bring our soldiers home.

Health Care: The time has come for a universal health care reform that covers everyone, cuts costs, and provides better care.

Education: Universal pre-school through college to position our workforce to compete throughout the world.

Jobs: Invest in industries of the future, strengthen workers' right to organize, and to create economic fairness for independent workers.

Trade: Assure that trade agreements do not favor foreign countries over our own.
And if you haven't heard (or seen), ABC went dark on Ron Paul last week, when the network refused to air John Stossel's interview with the antiwar Republican.


Andy said...

I hope those full page color ads Ron Paul keeps buying in the Chronicle help him win Iowa.

vanessa said...

Yeah, I think he's targeting Kohoutek and, um, Magic Cyclops? He might still be registered in Iowa.

Andy said...

Either that, or he's betting that the Chronicle readership is an extremely likely demographic for busing out to help his ass in New Hampshire.

5 Alive said...

Perhaps the ads helped him raise $6 million yesterday. Some candidates are running for president of the United States, not President of Iowa.

Andy said...

If so, then he should have bought 10 pages of ads...he would have raised $60 million!!!!