Tuesday, December 4

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We've had tremendous feedback on our current feature package regarding uranium. But one question continues to linger: What can residents actually do about Powertech's proposed Centennial Project in Nunn, which has the potential to impact the water throughout our entire Northern Colorado region?

A good place to start is with public pressure, and that pressure will be most felt coming from elected officials.

The Larimer County Commissioners are holding their weekly administrative meeting this morning at 9:30 in the second-floor conference room of the Courthouse, at 200 West Oak Street in Fort Collins. Commissioner Randy Eubanks (the lone Democrat of the three) is scheduled to request that a public comment hearing be held in January to give Larimer residents an official voice on the uranium matter. (The entirety of his request is pasted at the end of this post.)

And the Fort Collins City Council will vote this evening on a resolution to oppose the mining. The meeting begins at 6 p.m. in the Council Chambers at 300 Laporte Avenue.

If your nearest or regular Chronicle distribution location is out of our current edition and you would like one for extensive background on both uranium mining and the Centennial Project in particular, please call our office at 970/493.4702 or email me directly at vanessa@rmchronicle.com.

Commissioner Eubanks' request to the Larimer County Commissioners:
Objective: Uranium Mining Public Hearing

Situation: Powertech Uranium Corporation is performing exploratory drilling in western Weld County, three miles from I-25 and 11 miles from the city of Fort Collins. This drilling, and the anticipated uranium in-situ and open pit mining, has resulted in great citizen concern and numerous e-mails to commissioners seeking action.

Proposal: I request that a public meeting be scheduled in the 1st Floor hearing room to allow Powertech and interested citizens to provide information and opinion to the Larimer County commissioners. Due to the timeliness of this issue, I request that it be held in January. Based on this hearing, I request the commissioners determine what course of action to take (if any) on behalf of the citizens of Larimer County.

Advantages: Educate the commissioners with respect to public concern about proposed uranium in-situ and pit mining adjacent to Larimer County.

Disadvantages: Commissioner work schedule.
Requested action: I request that the Board schedule a hearing in January 2008 to allow public comment on uranium mining at the Powertech Centennial Project in Weld County.

Potentially Affected Interest: Surface and mineral right holders, landowners,
ranchers, all county citizens living in areas above the Dakota-Cheyenne and Laramie-Fox Hills aquifers (roughly the northeastern quarter of the county).

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