Tuesday, December 4

Growing, growing...gone?

"It’ll be interesting to see if they’ve grown real well,” Brian Vicente, one of James and Lisa Masters’ attorneys and executive director of Sensible Colorado, a procannabis group, told the Chronicle in June. “Maybe they’ve got a green thumb.”

"They" are Fort Collins Police Services, which were holding onto the Masters' confiscated cannabis through a long, legal ordeal that the Chronicle has covered extensively over the past year. Yesterday the Masters got their pot back--and the TV stations and Denver dailies finally tuned into the travails of Larimer County medical marijuana caretakers and patients. The story has been picked up by the AP and CNN.

So, how does the garden grow inside FC police headquarters? Based on the returned (or not) cannabis and equipment, not only does the police not have a green thumb, they're kinda clumsy, too.

(Blogger is acting a little stoned itself today and is reorienting my pics (help, anyone?), but here they are anyway:)

James Masters holds an empty jar that held an ounce of medical marijuana when police confiscated it in November 2006.

Masters holds a "glass-on-glass" gravity bong, one of the first of its kind, broken by the police.

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