Sunday, December 9

Lights! Chanukah! Action!

Tonight's the night, folks. The Old Town menorah lighting. Joshua Zaffos previews it in the current edition of the Chronicle (though not available on our website):

For the third year in a row, downtown Fort Collins will catch a fleeting glimpse of Chanukah before the Choice City's yearly dose of Jewish holiday cheer is relegated to the fringes of the public forum. Tonight at 5, the Chabad Jewish Center of Northern Colorado holds its third-annual menorah lighting in Old Town Square on the sixth night of Chanukah, a celebration of Judah Maccabee's overthrow of the ancient Greeks and then the miraculous burning of one evening's worth of oil in the temple for eight crazy nights. Last year, the event dug out from the NoCo blizzard and two feet of snow to draw sixty people.

The Chabad Center provides potato latkes, dreidels, chocolate Chanukah gelt and, if it's not too icy, Mayor Doug Hutchinson and Senator Wayne Allard will be there too (both no-showed in '06). Call 407-1613 for more info.


vanessa said...

I didn't go to this year's lighting, and after reading the Coloradoan's coverage (which I can't link in comments, for some reason), I don't regret it. I get enough politics in the off-season, if there is such a thing anymore.

Was there even one councilmember in attendance last year? It was freezing, but last night wasn't exactly warm either.

Andy said...

Apart from it being so cold that apparently even FIRE wasn't working, it was a pretty campy event for the few minutes I was there.

The only highlight was Wayne Allard attempting to read a speech he apparently hadn't bothered to preview.