Thursday, December 27

top five reasons not to take a holiday break

5. You're working anyway.

4. Tech-challenged editors won't launch an assault of panicked text messages to the production staff for web help.

3. Snow days aren't like real work days anyway. (Just bring in the snowshoes or cross-country skis and call it "lunch break.")

2. There is plentiful, and free, coffee at the office.

1. The printer won't run the wrong edition of your paper and deliver it to your distribution drivers, who very diligently hit their spots the night before a big snowstorm in order to get ahead, not knowing that they're putting out the paper for the following week. (Bonus: Your boss won't be outraged.)

That's right. Besides having the dates December 27 to January 2 across the top, this week's cover of the Chronicle looks like the image above. If you've got the January 3 edition ... well, you'll need to pick up another one next week. We'll be inserting an imperative post-printer update. The current edition has been delivered and is being distributed as I type. If you need to reach our distribution manager, please email

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