Thursday, December 6

uranium update

We didn't update yesterday, but the Larimer County Commissioners have decided they will conduct a public hearing on the Powertech uranium mine sometime before mid-February, and the Fort Collins City Council voted unanimously on Tuesday evening in support of a resolution opposing the mine.

Following are excerpts from an email that local environmental guardian-angel Gary Wockner sent out this morning (link mine):

About 100 people packed the council chambers! Applause repeatedly broke out as the citizens of northern Colorado testified against this hazardous mine. The councilmembers received dozens of emails FROM YOU! And, it DID MAKE A DIFFERENCE! …

You made your voice heard to protect our environment and economy in Fort Collins, Larimer County, and across Colorado! Your voice DID make a difference!

Please tell your elected officials, "Thank You!"


James said...

you forgot Wock's picture!

Andy said...

Well, there were 6 members who voted for it. Don't forget Wade Troxell chickened out on the vote -- after a long harangue on how in situ, leech or open pit uranium mining 11 miles from Fort Collines didn't present an obvious problem to him.

igmuska said...

YAY Colorado!!!

Force Mr. Blubaugh, PowerTech Uranium Vice-president, to use some of his safe carbonated water in gin and tonic, thus proving to us that in-situ-leach uranium mining is safe and won't pollute an exempted aquifer. Have him discuss channeling issues between aquifers...ask him about Atlas Mining in Utah!