Wednesday, January 23

BREAKING: Fries for state Senate?

I am literally in the middle of taking a phone survey on my election choices for 2008, and one of the questions I've been asked is whether I would vote for Bob Bacon or Matt Fries for state Senate, District 14. This is the first I have heard anything about Fries — who lost to Lisa Poppaw in a Fort Collins City Council race last April — running for office. The woman on the phone also asked me if I would vote for sitting Democratic Representative John Kefalas or Republican Bob McCluskey, whom many people have assumed would run again for House District 52.

I'm guessing Republicans paid for the survey, done by a company called A&Q, because the woman couldn't pronounce Kefalas — "Kef-laz" was one of the alternate tries — she knew to pronounce Fries, like "freeze," a lesson the Chronicle learned about a year ago. (Although the pollster and I did joke about the tasty competition between bacon and fries!)

Kefalas-McCluskey would be the third bout between the two local leaders: At that point, it's fair to compare the rivalry with Sugar Ray Leonard versus Roberto Duran, or maybe these two guys.

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