Wednesday, January 23

Donnelly's in for commissioner run

In what could shape up into an old-fashioned, Larimer County Republican Party throwdown, County surveyor Tom Donnelly has officially announced his candidacy to challenge incumbent county commissioner Glenn Gibson in a primary for the District Three seat. As reported in the maiden voyage of my column last week, Donnelly is getting support from some Republicans, who are less than thrilled with Gibson's policy-making decisions and those who have also questioned Gibson's mental health (including one who wears a star on his chest).

From Donnelly's press release:
“I realize that in challenging an incumbent the burden is on me to explain to Larimer County voters why a change is needed in county government,” Donnelly said. “And I am prepared to do just that. Let me make it clear, however, that my campaign will not be a personal attack on Glenn Gibson.”

Donnelly said he doesn’t necessarily disagree with Gibson on every issue, but he said he would offer a very different approach to taxes and spending and he believes the citizens of Larimer County are ready for a change.

No Democrat has yet officially announced an intention to run for the seat.

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