Monday, January 28

monday headlines (with weekend highlights): pipe dreams

Homegirl smokes the superpipe: Aspen's own gets the gold for the ladies.

White wash: Big red gets big air and bigger tricks.

Follow the LEEDer: Timnath school is an environmental first for NoCo.

Claim throwers: Legislature reviews disclosure bill.

Pit stop?: Pit-bull ban doesn't banish attack incidents.


Zaffos said...

The Coloradoan article about the LEED certified school is kinda overstated.

Consider the opening sentence: "Bethke Elementary might be one of the first green schools certified..." It "might" be? That seems like weak reporting, although lower in the article, the reporter reveals a little more information that 70 schools, including a PSD school, are LEED certified and another 555 schools are also working through this process, even if Bethke is the first to make a "partial submission" under a new ratings system.

I'm not taking anything away from green-built schools or the innovation of local schools, but lots of other cities are also tuning into these elements and we should be aware of that.

vanessa said...

I defer to our news editor, whose education and experience in environmental reporting smokes all the local, and often regional, "reporting" around. I always post local headlines (including those from the Post and the News) assuming that readers are as sophisticated as I hope they are, meaning they understand the constraints and limitations of daily corporate journalism. And Chronicle readers know the Coloradoan is the bottom of the barrel when it comes to supporting its reporters. We've heard that from enough Gannett castoffs by now.