Monday, January 28

Romney whisperer

What did we ever do without YouTube? Back in the day, creepy moments like the ghost in this video would go by with the attentive at-home viewer simply wondering if he was the one hearing voices during the Florida Republican debate:

Nope, you heard it. The ghost said "raise taxes." The ghost must be a Democrat. Or, more likely, the ghost was no ghost at all but a staffer whispering in Romney's ear piece, like Karl Rove used to do for Bush.

But then, perhaps it's best he listens to the voice. Left to his own devices, Romney could slip. Here's a three-minute video of him relating to the people on MLK Day. The two gems come in the beginning, when he makes a "Who let the dogs out?" joke, and in the end, when he refers to a baby's "bling bling." But the whole clip is terribly awkward.

Still, this is all tame compared to Bush. Ah ... I long to miss the days of waiting for Bush's next verbal stumble, which could be tonight during the State of the Union, which isn't good, btw.

Just as presidenting is hard, so is public speaking, and especially debating. Here are some helpful hints to getting the verbal upper hand.

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bethany said...

Did you watch the State of the Union last night? Any impediment gems I missed?