Friday, January 4

Oh, What A Night!

Record turnout. Huge momentum. A historic moment in time.

I will post more observations about the caucuses here when I get a chance, but for now, some links:

Alternet: A groundswell of youth participation. (It's about time!)

Des Moines Register: Obama's victory speech. "They said this day would never come."

Des Moines Register: Record-shattering caucus turnout.

NPR: Evangelicals and born-agains propel Huckabee.

Arianna Huffington: Why everyone can celebrate along with Iowa today.

CNN: Video of each candidate's post-caucus speech.

New York Times caucus blog: What's next in New Hampshire.

New York Times: Change is the name of the game.

Wall Street Journal: A detailed breakdown of Iowa caucus-goers' demographics by candidate. (Click on the "Voter Demographics" link from the main page.)

And a reminder from Josh J. at the Chronicle:

"To keep Iowa in perspective, here's where Iowa's gone:

2004: John Kerry (Kerry was the Dem nominee, lost to Bush)
2000: Al Gore (Gore was the Dem nominee, “lost” to Bush)
1996: Bill Clinton (ran unopposed, won a second term)
1992: Tom Harkin (Bill Clinton was the nominee and won the White House)
1988: Richard Gephardt (Mike Dukakis was the nominee)
1984: Walter Mondale (Mondale was the nominee)
1980: Jimmy Carter (Carter was the nominee and lost the White House)
1976: “Uncommitted” (Carter second, won the nomination, won the White House.)
1972: “Uncommitted” (McGovern came in third, won the nomination)"

More to come...


vanessa said...

I kept looking for you on television last night. Gave me goosebumps. My mom is ecstatic about Obama. I think she might still be putting in calls to the extended family. She's hardcore and holding out for New Hampshire.

bethany said...

Your mom is fantastic. Any candidate would be lucky to have her rooting for him/her. And that speech Obama gave last night was incredible. I think it ranks among the best political speeches I've seen! We watched it from the Tiger Bowl bowling alley bar, and people stopped bowling to watch. (I heard most of the town Republicans congregated at the VFW. That and Tiger Bowl are the only two places in town to get a post-caucus beer.) So, is the Chronicle going to score an Obama interview??? I still fondly remember when Andre Heinz touched my knee as I was interviewing him. (Sigh.) Thanks, Bullhorn.

Andy said...

I understand Josh J's (implied) point, but by frontloading the calendar like this, my feeling is that the near overlap of Iowa and NH in the Jan. schedule means the ol' "Iowa Mo'" will impact NH more.

I can't believe Obama's strategy actually worked. It seems like he went after every low-participating demographic and actually turned them out. Very exciting.

5 Alive said...

Uh...what's "Iowa Mo"? Is that like mojo?

bethany said...

you're just going to have to come to iowa and find out, josh.