Thursday, January 31

the photos that elected Bush I

Right now, Gary Hart is stumping for Obama at the Elks Club in Fort Collins at what the campaign is calling "an activist event." Memba Hart? He was a Colorado senator and the clear democratic front runner in the 1988 presidential race, until this photo was published. That's Donna Rice (not his wife) on his lap aboard the luxury yacht Monkey Business.

After Hart was forced to drop out due to the scandal, Michael Dukakis took the lead, eventually winning the party's endorsement. But his campaign similarly *tanked* because of a photo. The tank shot was the Dean scream for Dukakis, but sadly he was the only choice next to Bush senior, who of course won.

Personally, I don't find it terribly unreasonable to blame these two photos on setting off a series of events that lead to the Bush II presidency.

(Yes, that is Dukakis, not Zaffos posing as Dukakis. They're both Greek.)

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