Friday, February 1

friday fun

Here's some crap found on the Internets worth looking at but won't really enrich your life or make you smarter. Well, if it does it was an accident:

-- "Lost" Season 4 debuted last night. This show is seriously a guilty pleasure. But Lostpedia takes TV geekdom to a whole new level. As does the McFarlane Lost toys.

-- Yes, the mop and broom have been reinvented. From here on in, the kitchen floor and hardwoods get cleaned with the Swiffer. Here are some crafty (literally), eco, economy subverting replacement cloths.

-- Mississippi is proposing a bill that discourages restaurants from selling certain types of food to fat people. Read here and here.

-- Shepard Fairey, a graphic artist best known for his "Andre the Giant has a posse" stickers, has produced an Obama poster. Don't get excited: You can't afford it and it's sold out.

-- (am I linking them too much) have a fun history of rock stars in Super Bowl commercials.

-- Isabella Rossellini does green porn, in this case bug porn. NSFW if you're a bug on the job.

And finally, what we've all been waiting for, the Dramatic Chipmunk (which we Coloradans know is really a prairie dog) has a successor. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Dramatic Lemur...

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