Wednesday, January 9

Record denied!

Sadly, New Belgium Brewing announced today that Guinness World Records has denied their attempt to break the record for largest bike parade — on a technicality! From Bryan Simpson, New Belgium "spokes" model:

(FORT COLLINS) With some dismay and a renewed sense of determination, we here at New Belgium Brewing must report to the good people of Fort Collins and beyond that our collective effort at a Guinness World Record for the longest bike parade has been momentarily denied due to a technicality. Upon review of our videotaped (and time-coded) submission, Guinness officials concluded that there were too many gaps in rider flow across the finish line (most likely the result of traffic lights) to qualify as a continuous parade. Alas, the efforts of some 3,600 cyclists in New Belgium’s 2007 Tour de Fat bike parade will live on in memory, but not in the record books.

While there may be a temptation to race into the streets and renounce or defile all things Guinness, we here at New Belgium recommend calm, dispassionate resolve. In fact, we see this as an opportunity to regroup, revise and reroute next year’s parade so that we will handily seize this title once and for all.

“This is something to look forward to – something to train for even,” said New Belgium Spokes Model, Bryan Simpson. “It is a second chance which one doesn’t always get in life. Collectively, we will come together as a community to celebrate the bicycle in all its efficiency and glory. We will rise above the bean counters and hair splitters at Guinness, and claim our rightful place in the World Book of Records.”

To all of last summer’s Tour de Fat bike paraders – you are caped and bewigged heroes, each and every one of you. To the current bike parade record holders of Taipei, Taiwan – look out - we’re coming for you.

More details to come.
As we learned in the December 6 issue of the Chronicle, Guinness is super picky and not very transparent in decision-making. My cynical analysis, however, is that we clearly did break the record for largest bike parade. Everyone riding, and those lining the streets, knew it was a parade. But we not only beat the record, we destroyed it so thoroughly as to deter anyone else from attempting, which takes application fees out of Guinness' pocket.

Here's to next year's one-million-freak, two-wheeled march through Old Town!

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