Tuesday, January 29

state of the union, fact-checked

I totally missed Bush's last State of the Union last night, opting instead to go to a wine tasting at Choice City Butcher. If I wanted to see a lame duck quack, I'd go to City Park.

But the folks over at Think Progress have assembled a host of blog postings that refute statements made by Bush in the speech. For example:

Bush said: “We have also changed the way we deliver aid by launching the Millennium Challenge Account. This program strengthens democracy, transparency, and the rule of law in developing nations, and I ask you to fully fund this important initiative.”

FACT — MILLENNIUM CHALLENGE PROGRAM WILL SOON BE BANKRUPT: “President Bush’s signature foreign-assistance program is likely to run out of money this year, leaving in thehttp://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gif lurch several poor countries that have labored to meet its strict eligibility standards, according to aid officials. Mr. Bush introduced the Millennium Challenge program in 2002 as a new approach to fix the perceived failures of overseas-development assistance.” [Wall Street Journal, 1/22/07]

FACT — BUSH IGNORED DEMOCRACY DURING TRIP TO SAUDI ARABIA: During his recent visit to Saudi Arabia, Bush didn’t meet with “one Saudi dissident or political activist, much less a democrat.” [Newsweek, 1/14/08]

You can check out the rest of the fact checking here.

But you know, "progress" is only "progressive" without the "-ive." And at the risk of seeming to have a liberal bias, and not fair and balanced, I'll offer some conservative ideas as well.

Check out the Cafe Press store of (incredibly moronic and offensive) right-wing stuff. You can pick yourself up a mug, hat, t-shirt or apron with this sentiment:
Maybe Hillary should consider this slogan: "Hillary: Willing to do Washington's laundry." Or, "Hillary: Only a woman can get the stains out."

Feel free to continue this sexist slogan writing in the comments. It's fun and really empowering for men! It also balances out the lefty-ness of attending a wine tasting (whine tasting?).

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