Tuesday, January 29

tuesday headlines: chain, chain, chain

This may be the last time headlines are posted this week. I'm off to San Francisco for the Association of Alternative Newsweeklies' Web Publishing Conference and will be busy learning lots of great new things to employ here at Holla and for the Chronicle in general. In the meantime, the Editors Josh will continue updating at their regularly scheduled times in the afternoon (lunchtime and around 4 p.m.), and I may check in, as well, if time allows.

Heady wrap: Turks consider lifting headscarf ban at universities.

China freeze: Does this mean limited dim sum in Chinatown?

State of disunion: Bush scores lowest points in history. But that's the last time we have to suffer a Union address!

Cry wolf: Open season on wolves in the northern Rockies sparks lawsuit.

Feeling old? Want to look young?: Get off your bum.

Still hating our neighbors?: Possible hate crime in the Fort.

Florida recount: Collegian talks with Gannett-run campus papers in the Sunshine State.

"Hands off!": Kodrich stumps for Collegian independence.

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