Friday, February 8

"Bad boat pun here"

We had to wait until February, but the U.S. Boat Owners Association has finally released its 2007 top ten boat names (and you can also design your own boat name graphic at the association website).

1) Black Pearl: The name of a fast, stealthy and intimidating fictional ship from the Disney Pirates of the Caribbean films, a recreational boat with this moniker was probably named by the kids.
2) Liberty: A patriotic name that first appeared on the Top Ten List just after 9-11, the owner of this vessel is clearly passionate about the freedoms enjoyed in the U.S.
3) Second Wind: Perhaps this boat owner has had a life changing experience and feels that their boat now gives them a second lease on life.
4) Amazing Grace: It could be that this boat name borrowed from a hymn provides the boat owner with a new spiritual outlet.
5) Aquaholic: This name illustrates a boater’s chronic love for the waterways. This boat is probably the first one out of the slip in the morning and the last one back in at the end of the day.
6) Knot on Call: Perhaps named by a boater in a professional field or industry with non-traditional work hours, this boat name affirms a desire break away from work pressures.
7) Second Chance: See #3, Second Wind.
8) Wanderlust: Defined as “A very strong or irresistible impulse to travel,” this boat owner clearly has a passion to cruise and explore the waterways.
9) The Dog House: Being in one (Dog House) isn’t necessarily bad for this boat owner as their vessel likely provides a “walled-off” escape away from the distractions of everyday life.
10) Carpe Diem or Seas the Day: This boat owner likely believes that boating allows them to enjoy life at its fullest.


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I've heard of naming your boat AFTER your kids, but never letting your kids be in charge of picking the boat name! Unbelievable that a disney reference makes the number 1 spot.
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