Friday, February 8

Honky-tonk Friday in NoCo

Locals have their pick of top-notch old-time country tonight. At Ragin Ryan's in Loveland, Denver's Ethyl and the Regulars will be playing Friday and Saturday. Up in LaPorte, the Billy Pilgrims will be playing at the Swing Station.

I haven't been to Ryan's yet, and hope to get out there soon, but tonight I will be at the Swing Station, eating a pulled-pork sandwich, drinking PBRs and maybe, if I'm lucky, playing a few rounds of chicken-shit bingo (which is exactly what it sounds like, not any type of reference to drunk-driving on North College and Hwy. 287). To get a fix on the music and background of the Billy Pilgrims, read Chronicle entertainment editor Elliott Johnston's profile of the group in this week's issue.

And to find out about the rest of the weekend's live music offerings (including the one-year anniversary party at Hodi's on Saturday night), check out our music calendar.

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Zaffos said...

Post-show note: The barbecue pork sandwiches at the Swing Station have gone from "pretty damn good" to "absolutely phenomenal". The bar is serving them on french bread (not hamburger rolls) and seasoning up the pork, too. Now I'm hungry again.