Friday, February 15

dept. of corrections: Wrong LA Guns, pt. 2

As religious Holla readers may recall, I exposed the Coloradoan earlier this week for having a less-than-impressive knowledge of '80s metal, as revealed by the publishing of the wrong LA Guns photo.

Well, surprise, surprise. Loveland Reporter Herald likewise doesn't check the tour schedule of the band they're promoting. Check out the photo from GO (the RH's Ticket). Yep, same picture of the wrong LA Guns. You gotta wonder how it feels to be the LA Guns that's actually playing at Hodi's Half Note on Monday and see these guys publicized. Will people really be upset that Phil Lewis, pictured here, isn't there?

Or maybe it's a big "Who cares!" Thing is, it's real simple to see that the band pictured here is not the band playing. The Hodi's website has a photo of the real band. The LA Guns in this photo don't mention Hodi's in the tour section of their page, though they will be in Golden on March 1. And the LA Guns actually playing Hodi's is the second item that appears when Google searching "LA Guns." What else are they getting wrong? Where are the damn fact checkers?


Zaffos said...

I can't imagine that anyone has gotten this worked up over L.A. Guns since the "Ballad of Jayne" video stopped getting airtime on MTV -- in 1989.

By the way, best song title from the group: "Sleazy Come Easy Go."

Anonymous said...

I just bought tickets to the Golden show on March 1st and Im even confused about which line up im going to see!

5 Alive said...

You will see the line-up pictured above, which includes Phil Lewis on vocals (the singer on all the albums) and Steve Riley on drums. Those two are the only members of LA Guns from the Tracii days.