Tuesday, February 12

Dept. of Corrections: Wrong LA Guns

Ha! Guess whose knowledge of '80s metal is faulty at best. The Coloradoan's!

Sure, LA Guns are not Guns N' Roses, though they at one time shared guitarists. And Paul Black is not as famous as Vince Neil. And there are two LA Guns currently touring and coming through Colorado in the next coupla weeks. But if you're going to make the band your Top Pick in the "Ticket," at least try to match the band with the picture on the venue's website.

The band pictured at the right — while an LA Guns and the one with the most returns when doing a Google image search, where they surely got the picture — is *not* the band playing at Hodi's Half Note. Pick up Thursday's Chronicle to read about (and see a picture of) the real LA Guns playing at Hodi's, and find out why there are two LA Guns.

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