Tuesday, February 12

dept. of meat: Steak & BJ Day!

You know, every holiday now lasts a week. All week, it seems, has been full of VD specials on TV, radio announcers playing love songs, and all sorts of other VD crap. It's one day, people! Valentines *Day*, not Valentines Week. Please try to keep the chocolate, hearts, cupids and other lovey-dovey junk confined to one 24-hour period. It's annoying!

What's more annoying (for guys) is, let's be honest, this love day, in a hetero relationship, is directed at only one of the sexes, and it's not the dude. So ... these holiday inventors (apparently a radio station?) have invented a VD for the women to shower the men with love. Check it out, celebrate it, print a card for Steak & BJ Day.

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