Monday, February 18

dept. of photography: Chronicle Flickr Pool!

Umm ... so ... we usually try to keep Holla above a certain bar of taste. That bar would be above, say, following Britney's *every* move or posting photos of LiLo picking her nose. That said, fine-art photography is above our benchmark of taste. And once in a while, the two cross.

We know a lot of readers have the day off for something or other (is it someone's b-day?), so perhaps you've already heard about the damn-near-nude photos of Linday Lohan in New York magazine, recreating Marilyn Monroe's last photo shoot with the same photog. Perhaps you did know and you are one of the millions clogging the site's bandwidth and preventing me from seeing the photos. Perhaps you'll have the courtesy to shut down and let me in!

Along similar lines, the Chronicle now has a Flickr pool. What is that you ask? Well, with a Yahoo account, you can establish, for FREE, a personal Flickr page to post photos for friends and family to view. You can also then become a member of the Chronicle Group and share your photos in our pool. They stay on your page, but are also published on ours, and may be published in our print edition or blog. Welcome to the 21st century.

This'll likely start slow, so I'll be happy to remind you on occasion.


ZAF622 said...

Thanks for giving my camera another purpose. Looking forward to see what develops from this group. Get it? "Develops?"

5 Alive said...

Glad to have you, ZAF622. Do you have a Flickr account? Can you invite others to the pool?


Zaffos said...

Feels like we're kinda shooting in the dark with this project. Sorry.

By the way, Lindsey has really let go for this shoot. It's amazing that if these people just take the time to flash their privates on their own terms, the bubble-gum media reacts so differently as compared to the surreptitious crotch-shots on the beaches and out of the limos.

vanessa said...

Is someone having a grumpy day?

ZAF622 said...

I did a post about it on my blog, Art Palaver My way of inviting people.

Hope it helps.