Tuesday, February 19

DNC forecast: Chance of riots in the streets

Over at Politico, Roger Simon has a post about Hillary Clinton's potential power play to snag delegates from Obama to win the party nomination. Simon says a Clinton campaign official has confirmed the plan to possible raid her opponent's delegates and superdelegates, and a number of party notables are already tsk, tsk-ing the strategy.

Donna Brazile, who was Al Gore’s campaign manager in 2000 and is a member of the DNC, said recently: “If 795 of my colleagues decide this election, I will quit [the DNC]. I feel very strongly about this.”

On Sunday, Doug Wilder, the mayor of Richmond and a former governor of Virginia, went even further, predicting riots in the streets if the Clinton campaign were to overturn an Obama lead through the use of superdelegates.

“There will be chaos at the convention,” Wilder told Bob Schieffer on “Face the Nation.”

“If you think 1968 was bad, you watch: In 2008, it will be worse.”

I don't disagree with Wilder, in terms of the possibility of convention outrage in Denver should Hillary try to strong-arm her way to the party ticket. But a delegate steel-cage, free-for-all sounds like a blast (It would also mean Gore or whoever else could theoretically walk into the convention and make a case for the nomination).

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