Thursday, February 14

Hold your dam horses

This morning I sat in on a county commissioners' work session on the status of planned Northern Colorado water projects (dams, that is), specifically Glade Reservoir and Chimney Hollow. Many environmentalists have been awaiting the draft environmental impact statement for Glade (also called NISP) but officials from the Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District said the document won't be done before April.

Meanwhile, Gary Wockner and the Save the Poudre Coalition just put out a press release wondering why the Poudre is running empty -- again -- even as the water district claims a new dam won't dry up the river. Wockner is also trying to spread awareness about HB-1330, a state bill that would elect directors of water districts, instead of allowing a judge to appoint them. Some enviros say the current system prohibits more conservation-minded people from landing on the board to encourage different water projects (not dams, that is). The bill has been assigned to the House Committee of Agriculture, Livestock and Natural Resources; Representative Randy Fischer is a member.

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