Tuesday, February 12

Lundberg trashes climate change

No one can accuse State Representative Kevin Lundberg of trying to be popular. The conservative Berthoud Republican has taken his most recent deep-right-field position against climate change, claiming that it is "predicated on junk science" during a panel yesterday at the State Capitol on Governor Bill Ritter's climate action plan.

Lundberg was also the lone wolf in the state House who voted against censuring Representative Doug Bruce for kicking a photographer a few weeks ago. This isn't new behavior for Lundberg, who is known for voting and speaking his very own views. But he will face a challenger in Lilias Jarding this November, who has strong and sensible credentials, particularly on environmental issues thanks to her work on behalf of Coloradoans Against Resource Destruction (CARD) in opposition to plans for a Northern Colorado uranium mine.

Observers don't believe that the Dems will sink any resources into the solidly Republican District 49, but other special interests, namely conservation groups, will take notice of the divide between candidates.

In other radioactive-related news, a Denver Post article yesterday covered possible new sites for nuclear power plants and one industry insider suggested Fort Collins as prime real estate:
Nuclear energy expert Bob Meyer said a plant could be placed in the area around the Rawhide coal-fired plant near Fort Collins or on the Eastern Plains.
Another great spot would be Bob Meyer's backyard.

CARD will be holding a meeting this evening on the uranium mine plans at River of Life Church, 3161 West County Road 62E in Wellington at 7 p.m.

And check out the upcoming issue of the Chronicle for a story on signs of climate change on Colorado's landscape.

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